Things To Do In Galveston

Things To Do In Galveston

Are you curious about things to do in Galveston? Maybe you are planning a trip and trying to figure out if Galveston is the right fit for you. Here is a list of things to do in Galveston, Texas.

Are you wanting to get away to a cute little beach town? Maybe you don’t want to be on a plane for 10+ hours. Galveston is an ideal place to escape reality and to decompress from all the stress you are carrying.

Well, DING DING DING you are in luck today.

Galveston is located on the Gulf Coast of Texas. Texas has a beach, crazy huh?

Many people don’t imagine Texas when desiring a beach vacation (I was one of those people). Well, hopefully after reading you will think of Galveston as the perfect vacation place.

Pleasure Pier

Well… I wasn’t the one so I had a grand old time.

Pleasure Pier has a couple of fun rides.

There was the rollercoaster (a spooky shark one) and the swings that take you high in the sky while spinning you. If you are scared of heights, you might not enjoy that one. But, who knows you might have an awesome experience, push yourself and see what happens.

They have a ride that you go so fast and then go upside down, and then you get off It was the shark one.

But, that’s okay it was worth it.

Yes, this was definitely one of the more things that we did, but it was so much fun. It is a pier, so it is visibly on the beach.

You can be miles away from it and see the beautiful shimmering lights from it. Unless it’s daytime, then it.

If you don’t enjoy riding rides, you could just go and just walk around, eat some good food. You could just go and. That actually might be the way to do it because then you won’t be from the shark ride.

You could even go get food from the pier and then take a walk on the beach.

That sounds so peaceful to me, DO IT DO IT..

We went at night at it was so pretty. I recommend going before the sun is about to set.

Beach Beach Beach

Okay, I love the beach. We were all freaking out because we all hadn’t been to the beach in forever.

On one of our beach days, we were talking to a local. He said that he does not trust the water and he wouldn’t get in if he was us.

But, the water was pretty creepy, it was not clear AT all. a crab and it took me a while to build up the courage.

Even after he told us that, we all still swam in it and . So, I think it’s okay to swim in that creepy looking Galveston ocean water.

If you are looking for crystal clear water, Galveston is not the place for you.

I am not quite sure which beach we went to. We just kept driving till we reached the ocean and found a place to park. I don’t know if that was the best plan, but it worked out for us.


There is nothing special about It is just like all of the other ones.

You have to wait in line for a while and the ground. It’s that awkward thing where you don’t what to do with your shoes.

I just left them at our chairs and ran, don’t recommend. The concrete was way too warm. Water shoes are very creepy looking, but they come in clutch at waterparks.

It is a pretty busy, so get there early because you will have to stand in line.

There are a lot of different rides to choose from, which was good because we didn’t ever get bored.

If you buy or bring food, be careful because the birds will eat it if you are not looking.

The parking was not stressful at all. There is just this huge parking lot. It is a short walk from the entrance.

Renting A Golf Cart

This is something that we didn’t do, but it would have made our lives much easier.

A lot of people rent golf carts in Galveston. so make sure you are being very careful.

You can look up “Golf cart rentals in Galveston” and a lot of places will pop up.

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